Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Charlie is an entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, filmmaker, and well-known early advocate of Bitcoin. He was the Founder and CEO of BitInstant, an early Bitcoin company which at one point processed one-third of all Bitcoin transactions. Charlie also founded the Bitcoin Foundation and has served in a number of other roles for companies … Continue reading #107 – CHARLIE SHREM


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Jack is the founder of Visualize Value, a $1M/year product business and media platform with an audience of over 700,000 people. Prior to Visualize Value, Jack started an advertising agency after spending a decade working in Fortune 100 advertising in New York City as a designer, writer, strategist and art director for … Continue reading #106 – JACK BUTCHER


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Amjad is the CEO and founder of Replit, an online coding environment that lowers the barrier to entry for computer programming and makes it more fun, approachable, and social. In December 2021, Replit raised an $80M Series B round at an $800M valuation from investors including Coatue, Peter Thiel, Paul Graham, and … Continue reading #105 – AMJAD MASAD


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Haseeb is a managing partner at Dragonfly Capital, a cross-border crypto venture fund. He is also a programmer, writer, teacher, and effective altruist. Haseeb previously worked as a software engineer at Airbnb and as Director of Product at App Academy. Before that, he was a mental coach and wrote a book called The Philosophy of … Continue reading #104 – HASEEB QURESHI


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Mike is a Co-Founder of LinksDAO, an organization using web3 technologies with aspirations of building the world’s greatest golf club. He is also the Founder & General Partner at 6th Man Ventures, an early stage crypto VC firm. Mike is an Advisor at Paxos where he serves as Head of Stablecoin Business … Continue reading #103 – MIKE DUDAS


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Joseph is CEO of the Catawba Digital Economic Zone, the first private Special Economic Zone in the United States. This new crypto-friendly jurisdiction created in partnership with the Catawba Indian Nation will allow aspiring founders in the crypto space especially to create eCorporations with various benefits. Joseph previously founded the Startup … Continue reading #102 – JOSEPH MCKINNEY


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Gil is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at InsideTracker. He is internationally recognized for his research in the biology of aging and translating research discoveries into new ways of detecting and preventing age-related conditions. Gil received a Ph.D. in biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science and completed his Post Doctoral … Continue reading #101 – GIL BLANDER

#100 – JAKE

Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Jake tells his story, reflects on the podcast, and thanks you all for listening.


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Cooper is an investor, advisor, and writer who has contributed to dozens of DAOs and other projects in the crypto & web3 space. He is a thought leader and influencer in a variety of areas from Music NFTs to DeFi and DAOs more broadly. Follow Cooper on Twitter @Cooopahtroopa.


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube or anywhere! Steve is the Co-Founder and CEO of StayOpen. The startup’s mission is to transform vacant commercial real estate space into affordable, flexible, and socially engaging hotels and co-living properties. StayOpen has created a DAO (“stayDAO”) to help jumpstart the community. Steve brings to his latest venture two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, … Continue reading #98 – STEVE SHPILSKY


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