Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Wojciech is a Co-Founder of OpenAI, where he leads both the Codex research and language teams. OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company aiming to develop and ensure that artificial general intelligence is safe and benefits all of humanity. OpenAI is known for developing GPT-3, a natural language model that creates … Continue reading #120 – WOJCIECH ZAREMBA


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Illia is a Co-Founder of NEAR Protocol, a fully sharded, proof-of-stake, Layer 1 blockchain. NEAR has raised over $500 million and is widely considered one of the most promising projects in the blockchain space. Prior to NEAR, Illia managed a team of Deep Learning and Natural Language Understanding Researchers at Google Research … Continue reading #119 – ILLIA POLOSUKHIN


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Jon is a Senior Television Anchor at Bloomberg News and Co-host of Bloomberg Markets and The Open. He is also a Correspondent & Anchor at CTV National News, The #1 News Organization in Canada. Jon has interviewed many great investors and entrepreneurs as well as others like Kobe Bryant, Ice Cube, and … Continue reading #118 – JON ERLICHMAN


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Dan is the Co-Founder of Farcaster, a sufficiently decentralized social network. He was previously the 20th employee at Coinbase where he eventually became Vice President for International Business. Dan is also an angel investor in dozens of early-stage technology companies. Follow him on Twitter @dwr and send him a DM for an … Continue reading #117 – DAN ROMERO


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Erick is the Founder & CEO of Próspera, an economic development platform enabling sustainable, profitable growth in partnership with governments and communities, starting in Honduras. Próspera is building its first charter city on the island of Roatán in Honduras. In addition to Próspera, Erick is also the CEO of NeWay Capital, a … Continue reading #116 – ERICK BRIMEN


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Brian is the Co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency company on a mission to increase economic freedom in the world. He is also a Co-founder of NewLimit, a biotechnology company working to radically extend human healthspan, and ResearchHub, which is aiming to accelerate the pace of scientific research. In 2018, … Continue reading #115 – BRIAN ARMSTRONG

#114 – ANNA GÁT

Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Anna is the Founder and CEO of Interintellect, a platform for intelligent discourse on the internet. She is also one of Interintellect’s most active hosts, speaking on topics such as social transformations, individualism, communality, performance vs. reality, and psychological breakthroughs. Anna is an Emergent Ventures grantee. Follow her on Twitter @TheAnnaGat.


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Jason is the Founder & President of The Roots of Progress, a nonprofit dedicated to establishing a new philosophy of progress for the 21st century. He is also an adviser to Our World in Data and the creator of Progress Studies for Young Scholars, an online learning program about the history of … Continue reading #113 – JASON CRAWFORD


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Allison is the President and CEO of the Foresight Institute, a non-profit to advance biotech, nanotech, and computing for the long-term benefit of human life. Within the Foresight Institute, she directs the Intelligent Cooperation, Molecular Machines, Biotech & Health Extension, Neurotech, and Space Groups, and leads Fellowships, Prizes, and Tech Trees. Allison … Continue reading #112 – ALLISON DUETTMANN


Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere! Andrew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Skiff, a startup that offers privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted collaboration software. He previously worked on crew displays for rockets at SpaceX, autonomous cars at Zoox, and researched using lasers to destroy asteroids. Andrew graduated from Stanford in 2019. Follow him on Twitter @milichab.


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