Listen on Apple, Spotify or anywhere! Julia is an intellectual leader in the rationalist community and the author of the book, The Scout Mindset. She previously co-founded the Center for Applied Rationality, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping people improve their reasoning and decision-making. Julia has hosted the Rationally Speaking Podcast since 2010. Visit her website at and … Continue reading #67 – JULIA GALEF


Listen on Apple, Spotify or anywhere! George is a digital marketing specialist and the founder of Multiply Marketing where he helps scale great products and ideas across the internet. He is known on Twitter for his thoughts on mental models, first principles thinking, and his creation of @NavalBot, a Twitter bot that resurfaces some of the greatest tweets from … Continue reading #66 – GEORGE MACK


Listen on Apple, Spotify or anywhere! Steven is cofounder and CEO of Cameo, the world’s leading marketplace for personalized video shoutouts. The company recently raised a $100 million Series C at a valuation north of $1 billion. Steven graduated from Duke University and worked in finance and entertainment prior to launching the company in 2016.


Listen on Apple, Spotify or anywhere! Vijay is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where he focuses on investments in biopharma and healthcare. As the founding investor of a16z’s Bio Fund, he leads the firm’s investments at the cross section of biology and computer science. Previously, Vijay was the Henry Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Structural Biology … Continue reading #64 – VIJAY PANDE


Listen on Apple, Spotify or anywhere! Vedika is the Chief of Staff at Weekend Fund where she invests in early-stage startups and helps founders with product, community building, and go-to-market strategy. She previously held positions at Mithril Capital and Stripe and helped to scale TrueLayer into a global organization. Vedika was born and raised in India, attended UC Berkeley, … Continue reading #63 – VEDIKA JAIN


Listen on Apple, Spotify or anywhere! Jake is a music manager and entrepreneur, founder of the talent management company, TH3RD BRAIN, and Head of Activation at Community. Most recently, he has become well known as an early BitClout enthusiast with one of the ten most valuable accounts on the network. BitClout is a new type of social network that … Continue reading #62 – JAKE UDELL


Listen on Apple, Spotify or anywhere! Geoff is the Founder & Managing Partner of Bedrock Capital, a technology investment firm currently managing approximately one billion dollars. He’s served on the Board of Directors for companies including Lyft, Nubank, and RigUp. He led the Series C round for Wish in 2014. Bedrock is credited with coining the phrase ‘narrative violations’ to … Continue reading #61 – GEOFF LEWIS


Listen on Apple, Spotify or anywhere! Tim is a billionaire venture capitalist and the the founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) as well as Draper Associates, Draper University, Draper Venture Network, and Draper Goren Holm. His exceptional track record of investments includes Tesla, SpaceX, Baidu, Hotmail, Skype, AngelList, Ring, Twitter, DocuSign, Coinbase, Robinhood, and Twitch, among countless other companies. … Continue reading #60 – TIM DRAPER


Listen on Apple, Spotify or anywhere! Nathan is an entrepreneur, longevity biotechnology advocate, and investor based in Toronto. He is the creator of Longevity List, Longevity Marketcap, and Biohack Stack. He also writes the Longevity Marketcap Newsletter — a weekly review of developments in the longevity industry. Nathan is a former Quantum Optics Ph.D candidate on a mission to end biological aging. Follow him … Continue reading #59 – NATHAN CHENG


Listen on Apple, Spotify or anywhere! Soona is founder and GP of Volt Capital, a venture firm focused on pre-seed and seed companies in the digital assets space. Before starting Volt, Soona launched and ran Token Daily, a community of 20,000+ builders, investors, and talent in the crypto space. In addition to her work in the crypto space, Soona … Continue reading #58 – SOONA AMHAZ


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