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Austen is co-founder and CEO of Lambda School. Lambda School is an online coding school with an income share agreement (“ISA”) model in which students only pay tuition if and after they get a job. Prior to Lambda School, Austen wrote a book called Secret Sauce: The Ultimate Growth Hacking Guide. He previously worked at LendUp and co-founded Grasswire.

[0:10] – The basics of Lambda School

[4:00] – Lambda’s use of the ISA business model

[10:56] – Austen’s experiences growing up with an entrepreneurial spirit

[16:15] – Lessons learned from Austen’s religious mission in the Ukraine

[23:15] – The importance of discipline and its decline in American culture

[31:01] – Benefits of fasting and Austen’s fasting experiences

[34:47] – Minimalism for a purpose-driven life

[40:24] – Tesla’s greatness and the implications of selling too early

[46:49] – The role of technological optimism in our society