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Mike is the Founder of IdeaMarket. IdeaMarket allows creators to earn passive income from their audience’s confidence in them. It is intended to serve as an attention prioritization engine and to disintermediate centralized media like Bitcoin is disintermediating financial institutions and central banks. Mike has worked and consulted for a number of companies in the crypto space and also writes, draws cartoons, and makes music.

[0:10] – How Mike got into crypto

[5:08] – Problems with centralized systems

[8:34] – How IdeaMarket disrupts big media corporations

[20:56] – Turning a conceptual new incentive system into a functioning product

[29:08] – Rationality as risk management

[33:11] – Do markets promote rationality?

[37:15] – IdeaMarket’s new market structure

[45:02] – Deciding to start IdeaMarket