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Christelle is the Founder & CEO of Codi, a company that connects remote workers with local workspaces hosted in people’s homes, like Airbnb meets WeWork. She earned her Master’s in City Planning from UC Berkeley and also holds a Master of Science in Environmental Science from École Polytechnique in France where she briefly served in the French military. Christelle was included on Forbes 30 for 30 List 2021 in the category of consumer technology. Learn more about Codi at http://www.codi.com.

[0:46] – Christelle’s entrepreneurial story and her interest in urban planning

[7:22] – Christelle’s journey from France to the United States

[10:55] – An introduction to Christelle’s company, Codi

[20:28] – Why the Codi model works best for remote work

[29:25] – Obstacles to adoption for new types of co-working spaces

[35:04] – The standards of Codi workspaces

[39:23] – Early users who are most loving the Codi experience

[43:16] – Christelle on being a founder and her vision for the future of Codi