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Jack is the Co-Founder & Vice President of the Oxford Society of Ageing and Longevity. He has met with many of the most influential people in geroscience, from Aubrey de Grey to David Sinclair. Jack has also attended most of the relevant major conferences and read over 1,000 academic papers in the field. He is a contributor on LessWrong.com and recently published an excellent overview titled, Anti-Aging: State of the Art. Jack has been a content writer at Mindset Health for 2 years. Before that, he earned his master’s degree in clinical and therapeutic neuroscience from Oxford University.

[1:16] – Anti-Aging Introduction

[23:40] – The different approaches to defeating aging

[36:43] – Breaking down government funding against aging

[39:06] – Why COVID-19 should be viewed as an aging-related disease

[52:13] – Overcoming the pro-aging trance

[1:05:53] – Societal strategies to extend the human healthspan

[1:24:10] – Mind-uploading, brain-machine interfaces, and cryonics

[1:35:18] – Personal strategies for living a longer, healthier life

[1:44:26] – Jack’s personal journey which led him to the study of aging