#45 – ELAD GIL

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Elad is an entrepreneur and operating executive as well as an investor or advisor to a number of successful companies including AirBnB, Airtable, Coinbase, Flexport, Gusto, Instacart, Opendoor, Pinterest, Square, Stripe, and Wish. He previously was the co-founder and CEO Color Genomics and before that Mixer Labs which was acquired by Twitter. Elad served as the VP of Corporate Strategy at Twitter where he helped the company scale from 90 to 1,500 employees. He previously started the mobile team at Google. Elad is the author of High Growth Handbook, and writes more on his blog at blog.eladgil.com

[1:52] – Elad’s value-add as a startup investor, board member, and advisor

[4:27] – Why he evaluates product-market first and foremost

[9:53] – The changing role of geographical location for startups

[15:11] – How crypto today compares to the early years of the internet

[21:25] – Creating a virtual world with pluto.video

[23:23] – Maximizing the growth of early successes

[26:44] – Balancing founding principles with an evolving company culture

[29:34] – The growth of founders in parallel to their companies

[32:01] – How advisors and board members can influence a company’s success

[35:26] – How to identify the best additions to an executive team

[39:54] – Time management through delegation and other strategies

[46:30] – Elad’s interest in longevity and perspective on the field