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Nikhil is a venture capitalist who spent several years at Shasta Ventures after beginning his career with Insight Venture Partners. He is currently investing independently and has made several early-stage venture investments in the second half of 2020 alone. These investments include Canva, daring, and Roam Research, among others. During his time at Shasta, Nikhil led or co-led investments in companies including Athelas, ClassDojo, Color Genomics, Imperfect Foods, Lattice, Literati, The Farmer’s Dog, The Pill Club, and several others. Before beginning his career in VC, Nikhil was a part of the founding team at Artsy and graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Molecular Biology. He received the Spirit of Princeton Award and was advised by the school’s President in writing his thesis, “Beyond the $1000 Genome: From Third-Generation Sequencing to Personalized Medicine”. Nikhil writes regularly and publishes his essays about the “next big thing” on his Substack at nbt.substack.com