Avlok is the CEO of AngelList Venture. He is also an angel investor and has made personal investments in more than 25 companies. Prior to AngelList Venture, Avlok built and sold two companies. His first company, FastBite, provided food delivery in an average of 7 minutes and was acquired by Square in 2015. His second company, Fairy, provided high frequency house-cleaning and was also acquired. AngelList Venture has facilitated the funding of over 5,000 startups including 47 unicorns. It is home to 4,300 funds and syndicates with $2.2B in assets under management. This year, AngelList Venture launched Rolling Funds, a new kind of venture fund which is poised to have a significant impact on the future of early-stage venture. Avlok recently launched his own rolling fund, Avlok Capital.

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